Tax Credit Consulting

Are you planning on undergoing a major rehabilitation?  Contact Samantha for a free consultation to see if your project is eligible for historic tax credits. 

North Carolina Historic Tax Credits

Do you own property that is individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places? Do you own a home or commercial property in a National Register District that is contributing to a National Register District? Do you have plans to rehabilitate or restore your property? If so, you may be eligible for tax credits in the state of North Carolina. (If you’re unsure if your property is listed or if you are interested in listing your property, please contact Samantha for a free consultation). If your property is income-producing, you are also eligible for a federal tax credit.

Non-Income Producing Property Credits

Non-income producing properties are, essentially, residential properties that are owner-occupied. 

To learn about historic tax credits available for Non-Income Producing properties, visit the NCDCR website.

Income Producing Property Credits

Income producing properties include commercial, industrial, and residential rental properties. 

To learn about historic tax credits available for Income-Producing properties, visit the NCDCR website.